Individuals that own cars are shocked when they buy for car parts because of how expensive the replacement parts are. Retailers price them very high because the buyer are not equipped  with knowledge about the replacement parts, so whatever the price is, it will not matter by the end of the day.

Car parts

Since wherever you go, spare parts are very expensive; we are going to give you tips on how to make the best out of the money you spent.

I. Research

There a lot of websites that you can visit if you want to buy cheap parts for your car. Almost all of those sites have large database of some used auto parts. One example of which is Ebay, it is very inexpensive in ebay, not just car parts but also other novelty items. Another benefit of these is that they are truly trusted and many people have availed their services and was very happy.

You have to make sure that what you are researching is near where you live in because the cost of the shipping fee will also make the overall price bigger. And if it came overseas, it should take about a month or longer to arrive at your doorstep, this is why you need to order it in advance if you are going to use your car for something important.

II. Make sure

Before you really pay for it, make sure that you have had a conversation with the dealer just to make sure that you have ordered the correct car part and if that replacement part is really suitable for your car and its current condition.

It is different with almost every car, the engine and transmission mixtures differ from each other this is why you need to talk to the dealer or the seller. There are also complicated parts of the car and make sure that the seller is aware of the condition of your car so that he or she can advise you with what to buy.

III. Haggle politely

If you are in a budget, haggling is never a bad thing. If you are a junkyard seller, do not price your items too much to the point where a brand new part is just as pricey as yours in the junkyard. And if you are the buyer and you buy and original and brand new part, don’t haggle it to the point where it is as cheap as those coming from junkyards. You have to weigh them and compare oranges to oranges. You cannot make two different things alike so you have to adjust.

If you haggle for it, be polite; ask the seller if it’s okay or if he finds comfort in lessening the price for you. Especially when you buy several pieces, sellers will mostly adjust their prices.

IV. Coupons are very important

When you are strict in your budget, coupons are very important. Aside from you can easily locate the parts that you need; you can also get big discounts. There are days which they give out a lot of coupons that you can use so don’t let the moment pass and browse through them, you might have a lucky find. If it is an online shop then coupons may come up on their own so you have to quickly click them to avail the discounts.

For troubled cars that are looking for towing services aside from car parts replacement, we can also help you with that.



How to Shop Online 

One of the easiest things to do online is shopping. A lot of people especially individuals in the millennial generation are hooked with online shopping, from bags, clothes, underwear, swimwear, shoes, accessories, home and kitchen stuff, toiletries and even cars! Internet connection and card are the things that you will need to go online shopping. There is no need for you to walk from one store to another in a very huge mall just to pick a pair of socks. With online shopping, you just have to play the waiting game. However, the downside of this is the risk of your private information being accessed by the wrong guys. But, don’t fear because there are safety precautions to online shopping.

Shop Online

Here are some tips when shopping online:

  1. Shop with trusted companies. Make sure that the website that you chose is valid and real. There are a lot of well-known online shops that you can google. Try to check the website if it is really a correct domain name because some websites trick you to a wrong on. You can notice this because of the spelling like “ebey” instead of “ebay” and fake ones ends with “.net” rather than “.com”. Also, many physical stores and famous lines already have their website where you can shop, if you are still to venture out to new brands, you can stick with those who has a physical store, those are truly reliable.
  2. Research the information necessary. Information like contact numbers, location, and identity is so important if you are dealing with less known shops. You can browse through their website to look for the postal address, email address and telephone or mobile phone number. A suspicious website is a website that does not contain vital information like the ones above because a scammer will not post this information so that he or she cannot be tracked down after scamming you.


  1. Reputation check. You can possibly check the reputation or ranking of the company in the business bureau. A good way to check the online shop is to check the reviews but take note that there are also websites that use fake accounts to give big ratings for the online shop to attract more victims so you need to avoid those rates and comments which are too good to be true.
  2. Check the terms and conditions. Avoid websites that are not clear in giving you the total price you are going to pay plus the shipping fee. At the check-out before you finally purchase the item, the retailer must exactly state what you are buying. Also include the privacy policy of the shop to assure that the company is not going to use any of your information to other unrelated purchases or deals. But almost all websites true or not, is going to send you advertisements once you enter your email address or your mobile information. If that is fine with you, online shopping is totally easy.

Again, make sure that your credit card information is protected by the company. Once these information goes to the wrong people, it will be difficult to undo it. Therefore, you must be careful while shopping online and choose only the best.


How to Choose the Right Car 

If you want a car of your own there are things that you must consider and before buying one, you must do your research and planning. Because once you buy a car, there is no turning back. Make sure that before you invest money and effort into it, you really have the love for that particular car.

Right Car

Some of the things that you need to consider below:

Evaluate your needs. You need to evaluate what you need. You must think about what you want now and what will be useful in the future. A car is not just for show, it is something that you invest in so that it could make your daily errands easier especially when you are situated in a big city. The number of passengers you need to drive with, what kind of roads do you drive in (off road, small streets and etc.), are you in a cold country where it snows frequently, is fuel economy a big deal for you, what safety measures are important, how much parking space do you have in your home, do you need a big space for cargo and other questions like those. You must be able to answer those to have a clear picture of what you really want.

Decide on a budget. How much can you really spend to pay your car per month? Unless if you are paying it for cash then this is the question you must answer. The car that you want must also fit into your budget. It is not advisable to get a car that is totally beyond your budget because chances are, it might be taken away from you if you could not keep up with paying it monthly. Remember that your car is not the only bill you are paying, you still have other bills that are also important because it is for the needs of yourself or your family. The general rule is you have to get a car that is not more than twenty percent of your earnings.

Lease or buy. You have to think about this because both of them has their own negative and positive implications. When you lease, you get to drive a really nice car for a smaller amount of money and you can even change it every few years until a new one comes out but you won’t be having anything left for yourself every after you lease. You’re paying for it but by the end of the day, you cannot take it home. And if you buy a car, a higher amount of money is required for you to purchase it but when you get it, you can personalize your car to the design you want and in the long run, you would not be spending too much for your car and you will be able to bring it home by the end of the day.

Don’t settle in looking for a car in one seller only. Find other cars for sale. You might find other car seller who offers cheaper deals. Some might even have huge sales and discounts. So don’t close your doors into just one seller because there are many out there and you might find one which is right for you.

If you finally find the car for you, you can now look for tow truck services because you’ll definitely need one in the future.